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Golden Alaska has a history of more than 20 years in the production of high quality whitefish products in the pristine waters of the Bering Sea in Alaska and the U.S. West Coast. With our long history of production, Golden Alaska maintains a strong reputation in the industry as a dependable and consistent supplier.

Golden Alaska’s production consists of Alaska Pollock Fillet and Mince Blocks, Pacific Whiting Fillet and Mince Blocks, H&G, Surimi, Pollock Roe and White Fishmeal. As a mother ship operation, the Golden Alaska receives regular deliveries of fish from a fleet of contracted catcher boats, which are also the owners of the Golden Alaska. Through strict coordination between the Golden Alaska and the catcher boats, the fish is delivered in prime condition and the process cycle begins immediately to process and preserve the freshness and quality of the catch.

Golden Alaska has a long-term and dedicated commitment to the environment and the sustainability of all fish species. We are proud to be a participant in the fisheries of the U.S. North Pacific, one of the very best managed fish resources in the world. All products manufactured by Golden Alaska are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, and proudly display the MSC logo on all packaging

The products of Golden Alaska are sold into a diverse range of markets throughout Europe, North America and Asia. The company is proud to supply some of the best and most quality demanding food processors in the world, and Golden Alaska is committed to the sustainable health of our employees, customers and the industry. Golden Alaska has become a guarantee for freshness, quality and reliability in frozen Pollock and Pacific Whiting products.

The M/V Golden Alaska also operates a fishmeal plant to produce dried meal from the fish wastes which otherwise would be discarded. We derive maximum utilization of resources and maximize the value of each fish that is harvested.