Golden Alaska Seafoods Operations

The M/V Golden Alaska is a 305 ft., 3706 gross ton processing vessel that operates in the Bering Sea and along the Aleutian Chain and the North Pacific Ocean. The M/V Golden Alaska operates under the mothership concept and is supplied with fish by six catcher boats. Our vessel produces Fillet Blocks, H&G, Mince, Surimi, Pollock Roe, Fishmeal, and Fish oil. All products are frozen at sea and off-loaded into freezer containers in port (usually Dutch Harbor, Alaska or Seattle, Washington).

The M/V Golden Alaska and its catcher fleet work as a team on the fishing grounds to produce the finest products available. The operation follows strict conservation requirements established by NMFS. The catcher vessels utilize a sustainable mid water trawling style that is highly selective in term of the size and species of the harvested fish. By-catch is minimized, as the fishing boats are equipped with the latest technology to target Pollock and whiting with the least amount of impact on marine environment.

The catches are delivered immediately to the mothership in prime condition and the processing cycle begins. Our teams of catcher boats, skilled workers and the latest processing equipment have earned the M/V Golden Alaska the recognition of producing the highest quality products and roe in the industry. We strive constantly to upgrade efficiency while keeping a vigilant eye towards safety. The team effort produces consistent high product quality and customer satisfaction, weighing and sorting

The M/V Golden Alaska has the equipment to turn fish waste into fishmeal and fish oil. Fishmeal has many uses, the main one being food for aquaculture farming. Fish oil is also extracted from the fish waste and is burned in ship’s boilers.

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