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A world leader in quality Alaskan seafood products!

Golden Alaska Seafoods, LLC primary focus is, the production of high-quality white fish products and frozen seafoods that are internationally recognized for consistency, quality, and value; at the same time we are committed to the health and sustainability of our fishing resources.

Golden Alaska Seafoods

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Golden Alaskan Pollock Seafoods

M/V Golden Alaska is one of the most sophisticated processing platforms in the modern seafood industry and is guided by a crew of top professionals, representing a pool of collective experience and talent that no competitor can match. It's this special blend of equipment and skill that has made Golden Alaska, LLC. one of the most efficient fish processors in the industry.

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Golden Alaskan Pollock Seafoods

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to have previous experience in wild fishing to work for Golden Alaska Seafoods?

Previous fishing experience is not required to be a Processor, but it is preferred. This job is very physically and mentally challenging, so some kind of hard manual labor type of work experience is also preferred.

Do I need to have a fishing license prior to apply for any position?

No, you will receive a fishing license when you get to the boat.

How long would I be at sea?

Our seasons go from Jan-Apr and May-Sept/Oct. Length of time at sea depends on the needs of the boat and the contract you sign, but typically, you should expect to be at sea for 3-5 months at a time.

How much does the vessel move while at sea? Will I get seasick?

The Bering Sea is notoriously choppy and rough. There will be times when the vessel will rock, tilt, and move in ways that often make people seasick. Some people feel it more than other people. You must be prepared to summon the mental fortitude to overcome seasickness and continue to work.

Do I need to be or live in Seattle or Alaska to been able to get a position at Golden Alaska Seafoods?

No! As a Golden Alaska crewmember, you can live anywhere in the world. You just have to be able to get yourself to Seattle on time for crew up at the beginning of each season.

Golden Alaska Seafoods participates in 2 fisheries.

Wild Alaska Pollock and Pacific Whiting (Hake)

The M/V Golden Alaska operates about 8 months out of the year, our seasons are as follows:

o   Pollock A Season: Approximately 8 trips, January to April, usually done by April 1

o   Spring Shipyard Repair and Maintenance Period

o   Spring Hake Season: Approximately 2 trips, May 1 to June 1

o   Pollock B Season: Approximately 12 trips, June to September/October, usually done by September 15

o   Fall Shipyard Repair and Maintenance Period


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