A Season is Coming!


Backload will start Monday morning. Contracts are on Friday. Be sure your HealthForce questionnaire is COMPLETE before then!

Address Updates are Important!


Don't forget to update us if your address changes! Please email with any address changes. Put your name in the Subject line and include the last four #_ _ _ _ of your SS number. And of course, your new address! Thank you!

Hiring for Galley and Engineering


Golden Alaska is currently looking for a few good people for the Engineering Department and the Galley. Experienced only please.

HealthForce Questionnaires


Please check your email (and junk mail) for a notice from HealthForcePartners. This is our new pre-season health questionnaire. HealthForce are the on-call doctors Tammy uses to help diagnose and treat you during the season. Everyone must complete this questionnaire before signing your A Season contract. Don't wait until the last minute! You can call HealthForce at 1-877-437-2497 if you have trouble with the email.

E-Mail Addresses


All crew members must have a working E-mail address. This is now a mandatory requirement. You can now log in to Paychex to check your paystubs and W-2s from the last 4 years or make address changes. To learn how just ask Tammy or Teri or e-mail

Insurance Open Enrollment July 1


Open enrollment for the employer subsidized insurance through Golden Alaska Seafoods on July 1st. Qualified employees who average at least 30 hours/week, or 1560 hours in 2015 are eligible for subsidized coverage. The employee cost of the premiums (25% of the total cost) are deducted quarterly from draws and settlement checks. They are paid through Golden Alaska's 125 Plan to keep costs low, therefor the premiums are not tax deductible. You will receive documentation of coverage in February.
Golden Alaska will be changing our Open Enrollment period to July 1st beginning this year. The measurement period for qualification will become 5/1/17 - 4/31/18. If you worked apprx 12 - 13 trips in this time frame you should qualify for coverage. If you qualify for Golden Alaska insurance in June but you've already purchased insurance through the Marketplace you can price both and choose the best plan for you. You are allowed to cancel your premium at any time.